HDD Fan Control

Reduce Fan Noise and Protect your Drive.


macOS High Sierra Compatible

25 September 2017

With macOS High Sierra releasing soon we are pleased to let everyone know that the current version of HDD Fan Control is fully compatible and ready to go.

macOS Sierra Compatible

14 September 2016

With macOS Sierra releasing soon we are pleased to let everyone know that the current version of HDD Fan Control is fully compatible and ready to go.

OS X El Capitan Compatible

21 September 2015

With the imminent release of OS X El Capitan we are pleased to let everyone know that the current version of HDD Fan Control is fully compatible and ready to go.

OS X Yosemite Compatible

10 June 2014

We have updated HDD Fan Control to be fully compatible with OS X Yosemite, you can download the latest version from the link below.

HDD Fan Control 2.4 Released

20 July 2012

HDD Fan Control 2.4 is out! This update is signed with our Developer ID for Mountain Lion Gatekeeper compatibility and includes a few tweaks to the fan control algorithm. It also fixes a warning logged to the console with version 2.2 in Lion after the 10.7.4 update.

An update on how things are going with HDD Fan Control for Windows:

We are still working on a version for Windows, as we are aware many of you are keen to get this. Due to other work it has been delayed somewhat. As soon as we have a version we feel is ready for Beta release we will inform all those who have kindly expressed an interest for testing it. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Version 2.2 Released

06 September 2011

Version 2.2 of HDD Fan Control has been released.

Features include extra fan control for SSD’s that do not provide temperature data over S.M.A.R.T, allowing any HDD or SSD to be protected from overheating whilst keeping the fan quiet.

Version 2.2 also improves the default settings, as after extensive testing we have optimized the settings for most users.

iMac Fan running at full speed? You should try HDD Fan Control 2.1

28 August 2011

If your iMac’s fan is running at full speed around 5600rpm and making a lot of noise after you replaced the HDD with another hard drive or SSD, HDD Fan Control will control your iMac’s Fan.

HDD Fan Control 2.1 now adds many new features and improves upon our control algorithm and support for all HDD’s and SSD’s.

With 2.1 we also now support automatic updates so you are always running the latest and greatest version.

But most exciting to all new users is the availability of a 1 hour demo so you can make sure HDD Fan Control performs as you hope on your system setup.

iMac Fan noise running Bootcamp / Windows

28 August 2011

iMac Fan noisy in Windows still?

Well we are very excited to announce that we are working on a version of iMac HDD Fan Control for Windows.

This will be a free version for people who buy the Mac software.

It is currently in early development but is looking promising, we will need beta testers at some point so if you are a Mac version user and wish to get a beta version please contact us.

HDD Fan Control has support for SSD’s

28 August 2011

Did you know HDD fan control works just as well with SSD’s?

Although it is true SSDs do not need as much thermal protection as hard drives, controlling your iMac’s Fan to stop it running at full speed and still provide protection to your drive is a good idea.

HDD Fan Control now supports all SSDs.

Much improved HDD Fan Control Version 2.0 Released

10 June 2011

With the iMac Hard Drive Replacement Fan Noise Issue still remaining in the new 2011 iMacs and effecting models since late 2009, many people are replacing their hard drives or upgrading to SSD’s and some people are even upgrading to 3 SSD’s in the new 2011 models.

HDD Fan Control is the best solution to the Fan Speed/Noise issue. As such the demand for HDD Fan Control has never been stronger, so we felt it time to implement all the great features requested by its users and completely rewrite the code for improved control and to handle multiple drives and SSD’s.

We have also included a Status Bar HDD Fan Control Monitoring Application to allow users to view their drive’s temperature as reported by S.M.A.R.T and the fans current speed.

Here is a run down of this versions main new features.

  • Completely redesigned and improved UI.
  • HDD Fan Control Monitor – Status Bar application allowing you to see HDD Temperature as reported by S.M.A.R.T and current fan speed, quick access to HDD Fan Control Preference Pane. (NOTE: Monitor not required for HDD Fan Control to run)
  • Advanced features for systems with multiple SSD’s or HDD’s especially in 2011 iMac’s.
  • Completely rewritten code with improved fan control algorithm and temperature response; optimized to access the drive’s S.M.A.R.T interface only when needed.
  • Full override mode for SSD’s that do not report temperature or is reported incorrectly and drives that refuse to behave.
  • Ability to select which drive to read SMART data from in multiple drive systems.
  • Ability to reset settings to good default values.

Macworld Lab report on replacing iMac HDD published

19 May 2011

Macworld have a lab report documenting the steps to replace the HDD in a 2011 iMac, its an interesting read and they also use HDD Fan Control after replacing the drive, you can see the article here Difficulties abound when upgrading a 2011 iMac’s hard drive

OWC State HDD Fan Control is Solution to the Fan problem when replacing iMac Hard Drive

17 May 2011

In a rather long blog entry OWC chief talks about HDDFanControl being the most viable option for controlling the fan after replacing your iMacs Hard Disk Drive. Thanks OWC. The blog entry can be read here Further Explained: Apple’s iMac 2011 Model Hard Drive ‘Restrictions’

Article on TUAW about HDD Fan Control

17 May 2011

The great blog TUAW has published an entry about HDD Fan Control and it solving the issue of replacing the hard drive in an iMac, the article can be read here HDD Fan Control software addresses iMac hard drive replacement issue

Mentioned on Cult Of Mac

16 May 2011

A post on Cult Of Mac reporting on the hard drive replacement fan issue in the latest iMacs shouts out HDD Fan Control as a solution, read the article here 2011 iMacs Make It Impossible For You To Upgrade Your Own Main Hard Drive

Version 1.3 Released

14 May 2011

Version 1.3 lets HDD Fan Control be used with SSD’s that do not provide S.M.A.R.T temperature data.

New website launched

13 May 2011

We have launched a new website due to the growing popularity and use of HDD Fan Control for people wanting to install hard drives and SSD’s in their iMacs, or those that have already done and experienced the loud fan noise.